Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Recycling is awesome!

That's gotta be what this article is about. McCain is inspiring a whole generation of awesome campaign sign recyclers!

Q: What is the McCain campaign managing to do very effectively?

A: Make even those who were enthusiastic a few short weeks ago pull out the candidate signs and pack it in.

Read the whole awesome story here.


Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME!!! Less McCain/Palin yard signs in Michigan mean MORE yard signs for the rest of us!

What an AWESOME path to victory!!!

Anonymous said...

MI is awesome. ('wolverines!' right - awesome movie). No growth there except the unemployment lines and spread of bore-beetles and mad-deer disease. They live the simple, noble, and short life of the humble 'future' green job worker. And soon we will all be sharing in the michiganders' virtue of poverty. Unity thru equality. soon everything will be awesome! Awesome!

INCITEmarsh said...

Michigan sucks.