Sunday, October 12, 2008

Peter Feld is awesome!

Who is Peter Feld? Hell if I know. But he must be awesome because he just wrote an awesome column!

Did McCain's lead in the polls terrify him? Is that why, when he had the chance to lock in his advantage, he branded himself instead as a desperate gambler and let Obama play the cool, collected leader?

A book about the 1988 election described how Michael Dukakis refused to respond to attacks, after taking a vacation that let him ponder his 17-point lead over George H.W. Bush. "Saying over and over that you were going to be president gave you a kind of runner's high; but when the cheering stopped, a certain hollow feeling set in, a sudden vertigo of the soul."

In 1992 Paul Tsongas also let his chances slip away. Revelations about Bill Clinton's womanizing and draft-dodging had propelled Tsongas to a 20-point lead in polls just before the New Hampshire primary. But Tsongas cut back his appearances as Clinton doubled his and cut the margin in half. Projected the winner, Tsongas let Clinton take the stage first to declare himself "the comeback kid" and lost his momentum.

Likewise, Al Gore could give rip-roaring speeches when nothing is at stake for him personally. But his inner demons took hold in 2000, when his three ridiculous debate performances against George W. Bush cost him the presidency.

McAwesome a choke dog?


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Awesome Correlating Trend Lines!

Slublog, who as all of you who read AoSHQ know is awesome, put the following graph together.

He thought it would make an awesome addition to this awesome blog. So he sent it my way. He's awesome like that.

The red line indicates John McAwesome's poll numbers. The blue line represents Senator Obawesome's poll numbers. The black line represents the Dow Jones average.

As the New York Times would never say: Obawesome gains ground; black lines and elderly Senators (who are awesome) hardest hit.

Trend lines are awesome. Even when they don't seem to correlate. But more awesome when they do.

Townhall Meetings are Awesome!

The guy who asks the question is SUPER Awesome.

The guy who answers it is just all kinds of regular awesome.

Coulda been an awesome ad. Maybe it still can be! Just the thought fills me with toe curling awesome!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The A in ACORN stands for AWESOME

Everybody agrees that voting is awesome.

Which is awesome. Because with all these registered voters how can McCain/Palin lose after last night's display of virtuoso debate awesomeness? 

Recycling is awesome!

That's gotta be what this article is about. McCain is inspiring a whole generation of awesome campaign sign recyclers!

Q: What is the McCain campaign managing to do very effectively?

A: Make even those who were enthusiastic a few short weeks ago pull out the candidate signs and pack it in.

Read the whole awesome story here.

Tom Brokaw Asked Awesome Questions Last Night!

Remember the awesome questions on gun control, immigration, abortion, and gay marriage?

I don't because Tom Brokaw instead asked even more awesome questions about global warming, nationalized healthcare and how we could appease some awesome prius drivers vision of peacemaking.

So how did Brokaw rate as a moderator? Awesome.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This AOL Poll is Awesome too!

The awesome thing about this poll?

McCain has 43%.

Which, if you watched the debate, you have to admit is an awesome result.

Krauthammer just said McCain won the debate on Brit Hume's show.


Because Krauthammer is awesome.

And John McCain is awesome.

And birds with awesome feathers fly in awesome formations together.

Drudge is Full of Crap!

This debate was awesome!

Awesome Poll Numbers for McCain!!!!!

It's like a basketball game. All you want to do is cut the lead to 10 or less and awesome things can happen.

Debates are AWESOME

In fact, they are so awesome, I think I can grade the performances right now even though they aren't going to happen for another 12 hours or so.

For reference, I will use these happy puppies as a focus group. Aren't puppies awesome?

Now you will notice that there are 6 awesomely cute puppies here. So my scale will goto 6.

The number of puppies who think John McCain is awesome? 2
The number of puppies who think Obama is awesome? 0
The number of puppies who think sniffing other puppies butts is awesome? 4

The number of puppies who would rather be John McCain's best friend? 3
The number of puppies who would rather be Barack Obama's best friend? 0
The number of puppies who would rather be chasing squirrels? 3

The number of puppies who think John McCain would be a good owner? 2
The number of puppies who think Barack Obama would be a good owner? 1
The number of puppies who think Barack Obama is a radical leftist associated with domestic terrorists? 3

The number of puppies who supported John McCain's stance against mandatory neutering? 4
The number of puppies who support Barack Obama's stance in favor of mandatory neutering? 0
The number of puppies who are just happy that Barack Obama didn't pass a bill allowing Veterinarians to place them in burlap sacks and throw them in the river after their birth? 6

So you can see from the above focus group that puppies are both: A) Awesome and B) Supporting McCain/Palin.

Puppies rule and are awesome.

Unless they are French Poodle puppies. Who are awesome, but definitely don't rule.

Being Down By 3 Points is AWESOME

An awesome analysis that should brighten your day.

OMG! Chuck Hagel's Wife is Awesome!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright for Awesome!

Live from New York...It's awesomeness!

Math is Awesome!

Figures don't lie, but liars are AWESOME!

North Carolina or North Awesomeville?


(Awesome Hat Tip to Hot Awesome's Headlines. Which are awesome.)

John McAwesome!!!!!!!!

Not just awesome. McAwesome captured on video! Trust me: it's awesome.

Is this awesome???

You betcha it's awesome!

Number of awesomulations? 33 and counting.

Coast to Coast Awesome!

So much awesome, I'll be awesome in my bunk..

An Awesome Top Ten List

Top ten things that are awesome no matter what any one else says:

10) The Hindenberg (Trans-Atlantic flight is inherently awesome!!!!)

9) The Titanic (These days people pay extra to get close to the awesomeness of nature!!!!)

8) Chevy Chase's Talk Show (Goldie Hawn was on it and she is awesome!)

7) Herpes (Ever met a virgin with herpes? Didn't think so. Gettin' some is AWESOME!)

6) John McCain's Poll-Numbers (Only an awesome Republican would be cocky enough to try an awesome strategy that loses Virginia!)

5) Andrew Sullivan's investigative journalism (The Atlantic should be renamed The Awesome-ic.)

4) The Great Depression (If it had happened today, the kids would have called it the Awesome Depression).

3) World War II (Without it, the History channel would be awesome, but not AS awesome).

2) The Federal Government (535 awesome people collected together in an awesome city doing an awesome job of being awesome daily!)

1) The Civil War (Ken Burns is awesome!)

Come get your Awesome served hot!

With just a dash of AWESOME on the side.

Gob-smackingly Awesome.

Awesome? Nope. AWESOME!!1!!!1!


Awesome times 8!

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

(Pic from another Awesome blog that's full of awesome.)

Awesomely awesome!

Awesomely awesome!

Awesome is as Awesome does!


Everything's Awesome!