Monday, October 6, 2008

An Awesome Top Ten List

Top ten things that are awesome no matter what any one else says:

10) The Hindenberg (Trans-Atlantic flight is inherently awesome!!!!)

9) The Titanic (These days people pay extra to get close to the awesomeness of nature!!!!)

8) Chevy Chase's Talk Show (Goldie Hawn was on it and she is awesome!)

7) Herpes (Ever met a virgin with herpes? Didn't think so. Gettin' some is AWESOME!)

6) John McCain's Poll-Numbers (Only an awesome Republican would be cocky enough to try an awesome strategy that loses Virginia!)

5) Andrew Sullivan's investigative journalism (The Atlantic should be renamed The Awesome-ic.)

4) The Great Depression (If it had happened today, the kids would have called it the Awesome Depression).

3) World War II (Without it, the History channel would be awesome, but not AS awesome).

2) The Federal Government (535 awesome people collected together in an awesome city doing an awesome job of being awesome daily!)

1) The Civil War (Ken Burns is awesome!)


INCITEmarsh said...

Don't forget the end to The Crying Game! Penises are awesome!

IRS audits! Awesome!

Rectal exams! Awesome!

Leprosy! Awesome!

Rectal exams by the cock of a leprous transsexual IRS agent? FOUR TIMES AWESOME!!!1!!1!!(cos2π)!1!11

HawaiiLwyr said...

I was sad, then I read this list, now I am Awesome!