Thursday, October 9, 2008

Awesome Correlating Trend Lines!

Slublog, who as all of you who read AoSHQ know is awesome, put the following graph together.

He thought it would make an awesome addition to this awesome blog. So he sent it my way. He's awesome like that.

The red line indicates John McAwesome's poll numbers. The blue line represents Senator Obawesome's poll numbers. The black line represents the Dow Jones average.

As the New York Times would never say: Obawesome gains ground; black lines and elderly Senators (who are awesome) hardest hit.

Trend lines are awesome. Even when they don't seem to correlate. But more awesome when they do.


Anonymous said...

Really awesome graph! At first I thought it was the jaws of a gnarly old crocodile opening wide and sticking out a long thin black tongue, getting ready to devour our economy and way of life. But then I read your awesome explanation and I see there is more to it than that. Awesome analysis.
Although the price of oil would have made a more awesome tongue.

Anonymous said...

Statistics are awesome cuz they always can show you the bright side, that every ying is yanged. With stats you can show that when something goes down something else always goes up. And that makes me feel warmly awesome! Thanks for the chicken soup, bro.

Alice H said...

It's so awesome to know that if Obama sweeps the country, our economy is going straight into the shitter! AWESOME!!!!!